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New puppy checklist & preparation tips

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With all the excitement of welcoming a new puppy into your home, it can be easy to overlook stocking up on all of the essential items and supplies. Before you bring home the newest member of your family, use this handy checklist to make sure you're prepared to keep your puppy happy and healthy - from head to tail.

What does a new puppy need?

  • Puppy-specific food and treats
  • Food and water bowls
  • Leash and collar
  • Microchipping and an identification tag
  • Chew toys
  • A carrier and/or crate
  • A playpen or gates to block off or limit areas
  • Bedding
  • Cleaning supplies for puppy accidents
  • Shampoo and brush

Tips to keep your furry friend happy and healthy

  • Puppy-proof your home. Walk through the inside and outside of your home, and remove or secure anything a puppy could climb on, eat or pull down.
  • Remember to schedule an exam with a veterinarian for an initial checkup and first-year vaccinations.
  • Consider enrolling your new puppy in obedience training classes and remember to be patient — your new puppy is still a baby.

Steer clear of these top puppy poisons

National Animal Poison Prevention Week is March 19 - 25, 2017. Be aware of these top everyday items that are poisonous to dogs if ingested - and be sure to keep them out of reach.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Grapes
  3. Human prescription medications
  4. Aloe plants
  5. Insecticides

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