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LASIK & Vision Financing

Get the latest in eye care treatment and vision correction with LASIK & vision care financing through CareCredit.

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Using CareCredit for LASIK & Vision Financing

Your eyes have what it takes to live your best life in technicolor detail. With the CareCredit healthcare credit card, the answer to clearer vision is right before your eyes.

New CareCredit Healthcare Credit Card

Here are just some of the vision care procedures, including LASIK, that you can pay for with your CareCredit healthcare credit card.

Vision and eye care

  • Routine eye check-ups
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Safety Glasses

Vision correction including LASIK

  • New glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Cataract procedures
  • Standard (Single-Focus) IOLs
  • Multifocal and Toric IOLs
  • LASIK refractive eye surgery
* Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Not all promotional financing options are available at all enrolled providers. Ask yours for details.
Promotional financing options are not available at all retail locations that accept CareCredit and standard account terms will apply to such purchases.

Average Costs

Set your sights on living a full and active life.

Don't let costly procedures stop you or your family from seeing better. Discover the many ways you can use your CareCredit healthcare credit card to pay for the cost of LASIK & vision care.

Consult your eye doctor for details about these and other treatments or procedures.

(source: All About Vision, October 2016)

The average costs of some procedures are as follows:

  • Eye exam average cost:
    $50 to $250
  • Contact lenses:
    $34 to $84 per week
  • Child prescription lenses:
  • LASIK:
    $1,500 to $2,500 per eye
  • Cataract surgery:
    $3,542 per eye
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LASIK & Vision Locations Near You

CareCredit is accepted through a national network of more than 200,000 healthcare providers and health-focused retailers

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If your provider doesn't already accept CareCredit, you can refer them to us. We will contact them to discuss the benefits of accepting CareCredit financing for their patients and clients.

    Testimonials and Reviews

    Care Credit has helped me twice. Every day, I open 2 gifts. They are my eyes. I have been wearing glasses and contacts since the 2nd grade. In the later years, blood vessels had started to grow together, and wearing contacts was getting painful. My glasses were so thick and bulky and in the way since I do construction. I thought Lasik was beyond my means, but I got approved for your card, and had it done. I am still grateful every day. I was also able to purchase glasses for my granddaughter.

    Tiffany D.

    I used CareCredit for a LASIK procedure. I had used glasses since I was 12 years old. When I turned 2...I decided to get LASIK. Wearing glasses would stop me from enjoy activities with my family. Even swimming would be uncomfortable ... so I would try to avoid any activity were my glasses would become a bother. I was grateful when I found out about this card because it gave me the chance to pay monthly (with) affordable payments. Now I can enjoy life without any worries. Thank you CareCredit!.

    Laura F.

    Care Credit has helped me for many, many years with massive dental work and surgery, eye surgeries and general medical procedures not covered enough or at all by my health insurance. Because I have a good credit rating it was no problem to pay for this over a 2-year period with no interest if I paid the balance on time. If it weren't for Care Credit, I might have opted out to get these very necessary procedures done. Many thanks to Care Credit!!

    Deborah Z.

    My best 30 represents my 30th birthday coming up here in a few short weeks. A life changing event happened to me recently that would not have been possible without the help of CareCredit. I have had very poor vision most of my life and had a goal to obtain 20/20 vision by the time I turned 30. Thanks to CareCredit, I was able to obtain the credit I needed to have LASIK vision surgery! I went from being dependent on glasses and contacts to having FREEDOM from them!

    Katherine T.

    I struggled with vision my whole life. Unfortunately, due to an astigmatism, I was not able to wear contacts. Thanks to CareCredit, I was able to have LASIK surgery along with correcting my astigmatism. Now I can finally see my two girls with 20/20 vision. What an absolute difference it has made! Spending an extra 30 minutes reading bedtime stories to my daughter and actually seeing the pages clearly makes it all worth it. Seeing the world uninhibited is a truly beautiful sight!

    Jesse Paul

    Between an astigmatism and farsightedness, an expensive eye glasses prescription was a part of my life from the age of nine. For years I had looked into the Lasik procedure, but was never a candidate for it. Finally, in 2015, after years of improved technology, I qualified! But how was I going to afford it? Thanks to Care Credit and their easy payment system, I was able to complete the procedure. The distant dream of glasses-free vision became a reality. Thank you CareCredit!

    Laura C

    I love CareCredit! After wearing glasses starting at the age of 7 and then switching to contacts at the age of 10, the dream of perfect eyesight seemed impossible. I made the decision to get Lasik last year at the age of 27 with the help of CareCredit. It is an amazing feeling to have perfect eyesight without wasting money on contacts/glasses! ... It's a sense of security to have CareCredit available!

    Amber P

    CareCredit helped me see better. Three years ago, this April, I used Care Credit for LASIK. It was the best decision of my life to follow through with that life altering choice. It was the best 30 minutes of my life... 15 min per eye! Thanks CareCredit.

    Peter H

    My part time job for the past 20+ years has been a professional hockey referee. Battling contacts and drying of the eyes on the ice was a constant problem. Within the past few years, my vision changed constantly that I was tired of ordering contacts with different scripts. I finally made the decision to have Lasik and Care Credit allowed me to the liberty to take care of this procedure. Now I have excellent vision to make the right call on the ice. Ben Shiley # 21

    Ben S

    I have worn glasses for a very long time. My lifestyle has gotten a bit more crazy with the fact that have been doing some high intensity workouts. Contacts just wasn't really an option for me. I decided to get Lasik and this has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I ran my first tough mudder last July and not having to wear glasses during this 12 mile mud run with obstacles was huge ... The easy financing options were fantastic!

    Michelle Z

    Care Credit has allowed me to see the world like never before. After wearing glasses and contacts for nearly a decade, I decided to look into having Lasik. At my age, the procedure would cost the same (or less) than glasses and contacts over time and would also decrease the health risks associated with wearing monthly contact lenses. Because my insurance did not cover this procedure, I had to seek out an alternative method of payment. CareCredit was an easy, affordable, 20/20 solution.

    Amanda D

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