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3 common eye injuries and tips to help prevent them

From an accidental fall, to a collision while playing sports, to a flying champagne cork, eye injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. Some require immediate attention and treatment, while others may need simple monitoring after a visit to your eye doctor. What might seem like a minor eye injury could potentially be serious enough to impact your vision. That’s why it’s important to understand the impact of an eye injury — along with preventive steps to protect your eyes and your vision.

Three hazardous conditions

Below are three of the most common conditions associated with an eye injury or eye trauma.

  1. Corneal abrasion or a scratched cornea, occurs when the eye gets scratched or poked. You can also scratch your cornea by rubbing your eyes too hard or even wearing dirty contact lenses. When this happens, it might be painful to open and close your eyes, and eyes may appear red and irritated.
  2. A foreign object in the eye could include dust, debris, or even a liquid splash or spray (such as hairspray or household chemicals). Seek immediate help if an object can’t be removed or is embedded in the eye.
  3. A blow to the eye can have many causes, including a fall or a sports injury — such as being hit with a ball, hockey stick or flying object. Seek medical care if bruising, pain or vision changes occur. As with any type of eye injury, resist the urge to rub your eye.

Tips to help prevent eye injuries

The good news is that you can reduce your risk of eye injury by following these simple eye protection safety steps:

  • Wear protective eyewear while playing sports
  • Wear protective eyewear for potentially hazardous work or hobbies
  • Remove hazards around the home that may cause falls
  • Be extra cautious while using chemicals and cleaners
  • Use caution when cooking and using sharp kitchen tools
  • Protect eyes while doing yardwork
  • Use caution around fireworks and when opening a champagne bottle

If you or a loved one experience an eye injury, it’s important to take it seriously and seek care from a doctor who can provide a diagnosis and treatment if necessary. Many eye doctors list emergency contact information on their website for injuries that occur outside of normal business hours.

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