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Summer fitness tips

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As the temperatures start to climb, our thoughts turn to fun in the sun with family and friends — and to getting in shape so we can look and feel our best. Here are some summer fitness tips to keep in mind as you head out to up your game:

Mix it up with outdoor cardio

The warm weather brings more opportunities for getting in shape with outdoor cardio activities such as swimming, biking, hiking or simply walking. For best results, finish your routine with a home workout that includes ab exercises, strength training and stretching.

Remember, you have skin in the game

Sun exposure has its advantages: it helps us produce Vitamin D which promotes calcium absorption to keep bones healthy and strong.1 But never forgo sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy out, because up to 80 percent of UV rays can pass through the clouds.2

Be cool, wear shades

Often overlooked, eyes need protection from the sun too (no pun intended!). For maximum safety, wear sunglasses with at least 99 percent UVA/B protection, polarized lenses to reduce glare, and enough frame coverage to shield the skin around your eyes.3

Drink to your health and stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential to a healthy workout, especially if you’re exercising outside in the heat. Plain water should do the trick unless your routine is longer than an hour, in which case you may benefit from the calories, electrolytes, potassium and other nutrients found in sports drinks.4

Don’t go it alone

Aside from the social benefits of working out with a companion, there’s safety in numbers. Bring along a friend or two when running, walking or hiking and always try to stay on populated, well-traveled routes.

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