Help Your Customers – And Your Pharmacy's Cash Flow

Pharmacy customers may hold off on making purchases that would improve their lives today, simply because they can't fit prescription or durable medical equipment costs into their budget.

CareCredit can help.

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card with special financing options available on purchases of $200 or more*, giving your customers a way to purchase the health, wellness and beauty products they want and need today, while paying for them over time. This includes prescription medications, durable medical equipment, over-the-counter treatments and pretty much everything else your pharmacy offers. **

CareCredit isn't just good for your customers, it's good for your business:

  • For your pharmacy, there's no fee to enroll and no monthly fee – you pay an interchange fee on purchases
  • You'll receive payment within 2 business days less the interchange fee which varies by financing option, even if a customer delays payment to CareCredit or defaults***
  • As a CareCredit retail partner, your pharmacy will be included in our online directory; cardholders in your area searching for a pharmacy that accepts CareCredit will be provided information about your location

30 Years | 10 Million+ Credit Card Accounts | Over 200,000 Enrolled Provider and Retail Partners

When you enroll with CareCredit you're joining our network of over 200,000 enrolled provider and health-related retail partners serving more than 10 million cardholder families and their pets. For 30 years CareCredit has helped patients get the care they want and need. Best of all, 96% of surveyed cardholders say they would recommend CareCredit to a friend.1

Ready to accept CareCredit and help your patients and clients move forward with care?

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