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MDsave could lower your out-of-pocket healthcare costs

Rising medical costs and high-deductible health plans can put a strain on household budgets. CareCredit is now accepted at MDsave which could help you save money on your out-of-pocket costs.

MDsave negotiates prices on common procedures with a nationwide network of hospitals and providers. You may be able to save money by prepaying your bill online with MDsave before your doctor visit.

Now, you can use your CareCredit credit card to pay for any procedures that you purchase from MDsave*, making it a convenient option to access and pay for care for you and your loved ones — whenever you need it.

Compare and save

X-Ray Ultrasound MRI
MDsave Average Price $99 $216 $503
National Average $226 $494 $1,152

Courtesy of MDsave

How it works

  1. Visit Enter your procedure and ZIP code in the search field. Compare local prices for more than 1,300 procedures. Prices include all services typically associated with each procedure.
  2. Choose your price and provider, and purchase your procedure. You can use your CareCredit credit card to pay for any procedures that you purchase from MDsave.
  3. A copy of your voucher and appointment instructions will be sent to you by email. Follow the scheduling instructions for your selected provider and bring a copy of your voucher to your appointment.

Take advantage of these MDsave benefits

  • 180+ hospitals and health systems
  • 1,300+ procedures
  • is always free to use and available 24/7
  • Choose your price before you schedule care
  • Price includes all related fees — no surprise bills!

"I was able to pay for my test upfront and save hundreds of dollars." — Phyllis, SC

"I paid upfront, MDsave emailed me a voucher. That's it! Super simple." — Charlie, GA

Together, MDsave and CareCredit give you the convenience, flexibility and cost saving so you can get the care you want and need now. Compare local medical prices, buy your procedure and you could save money — all in one place. Learn more at

*Subject to credit approval.

This information is shared solely for your convenience. Neither Synchrony nor any of its affiliates, including CareCredit, make any representations or warranties regarding the services provided by MDsave, and no endorsement is implied.

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