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Home medical equipment and supplies financing

For many Americans, home medical equipment is an everyday essential. Items like lift chairs, power chairs, and scooters can have a tremendous, positive impact on the quality of life for individuals with injuries, age-related or chronic conditions, or other medical needs that affect strength and mobility. The right medical equipment can make all the difference, allowing you to sit comfortably, get in and out of a chair with ease, and confidently go where you want and need to be.

While there's no question that durable medical equipment can be a worthwhile investment, cost can be a barrier for many buyers. Rising costs for health insurance premiums, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket fees can make it more challenging to fit additional health-related purchases — even important ones like home medical equipment — into the budget.

CareCredit surveyed medical equipment dealers about what they're seeing with their customers. Here's what we found out1:

  • Affordability is a challenge. 43% said that more than half of their customers find it difficult to afford the products they want or need.
  • Insurance isn't enough. 67% said that for more than half of their customers, insurance doesn't cover the full cost.
  • Cash may not be an option. 53% said more than a quarter of their customers can't cover equipment costs with a bank account.
  • Budget can be a show-stopper. 82% said that when customers are concerned about the cost of medical equipment, they typically go without (do not make a purchase).

Fortunately, many medical equipment dealers are going the extra mile and offering creative solutions to help customers manage out-of-pocket costs and fit equipment purchases into their monthly budget. The CareCredit acceptance network includes thousands of medical equipment dealers across the country, which means you can use your CareCredit credit card to pay for equipment costs remaining after insurance coverage.* And, with special financing for purchases of $200 or more, you can get the equipment you want and need today, and make monthly payments over time.

To find a medical equipment dealer near you who accepts your CareCredit card, use the Acceptance Locator.

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