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How often should you get your hearing checked?

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Hearing loss can strike at any time during a person's life and occur for a variety of reasons. Noise exposure and aging are two of the most common causes and, in both cases, hearing loss can build slowly or come on suddenly.

If you're concerned about your (or a loved one's) hearing — or simply wondering if it's time for a screening, follow the recommended guidelines below to learn when and how often you should have your hearing checked.

Your guide to hearing screenings

Preparing for your appointment

Tell your doctor if you:

  • Take any medications
  • Are frequently exposed to loud noises
  • Recently had a cold, ear infection or head trauma
  • Notice any signs of possible hearing loss

Routine hearing tests can not only detect early signs of hearing loss, but also help provide education and information on how to take better care of your hearing. Keep in mind that your hearing care provider may recommend a different testing approach — or frequency — depending on individual circumstances such as symptoms or family history.

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*Subject to credit approval.

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