Accept Online Payments with Pay My Provider

Pay My Provider allows CareCredit cardholders to pay you online and take advantage of promotional financing options.* There is no need for you to make a trip to the bank or for cardholders to call, mail a check or drive to your office to pay. Best of all, there are no additional fees to you.

68% of consumers say they prefer online payments for their medical bills

73% of providers say that it takes more than a month to collect

With PMP, over 75% of payments are submitted within 30 days of procedure date.**

How it Works

CareCredit cardholders can pay you online at or via your Custom Pay Link with their CareCredit credit card. If they don’t have a CareCredit card, they can apply on site and get an immediate decision. If approved, they can use their new card online right away.

1. An outstanding balance is due to you.

2. Cardholder uses Pay My Provider to pay you online.

3. You are notified via email and receive funds within two business days.

Pay My Provider Overview

Why your office should accept online payments with the CareCredit credit card.


Video (2 min)

Consumer Payment Experience

Step-by-step walkthrough of the online payment process.



Order Billing Supplies

Use these in your practice to show patients or clients you accept online payment.

Stickers (item #852-11-00)

Place one on every paper statement before mailing.
(Pack of 200)

Order Stickers

Statement Inserts (Item #852-112-00)

Insert into billing envelope with a statement or use as a handout in-office.
(Pack of 200)

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See what others are saying about Pay My Provider:

It’s great that our clients can just send the payment themselves instead of relying on us to accept it or process it for them."

– Melissa K., McDonough, GA

CareCredit cardholders can make their payments from the comfort of their own home from their computer and be able to track all their transactions from their billing statement."

– Mark H., Mishawaka, IN

[We use the Custom Pay Link] to get payments [in a timely manner] and to reduce my delinquency on unpaid [accounts receivable]."

– Mark H., Mishawaka, IN

I like that I can make a payment online without having to wait on hold for someone to pick up a phone, mail in a check or go to the office in person to pay."

– Michele M., Rock Hill, SC

My son goes to college in a different city and this makes it possible for me to pay for his treatment without having to give him or the doctor’s office my card information."

– Paris T., Garden Ridge, TX

How To Customize Online Payment

  1. Log into Provider Center and verify your Practice Location Address
  2. Update your Primary Contact Email and select payment notification frequency
  3. Choose which financing options to offer for online payment

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