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Accept Payment Online Today with CareCredit

Pay My Provider is an easy way for patients or clients to pay online so you can collect payment 24/7.

How Pay My Provider Works

Patients or clients can make a payment online using their CareCredit credit card and choose from available promotional financing options.* There's no need for them to call, mail a check or come in to your office to pay, saving your staff time on billing and collections. You can choose to be notified of the transaction online in real-time.

Patient or client has a balance due to you.

They go to and make a payment with their CareCredit credit card.

Payment is sent and you receive funds in two business days.

Discover The Benefits

Convenient online payment brings many benefits.

For Your Practice:

  • No delay in payment. Get funded for transactions within two business days.
  • Instant notification. Turn on real-time notifications for received payments.
  • No extra fees. Provider processing rates are the same as in your office.
  • Save staff time. Spend less time on mailing satements and coordinating payments.
  • Support when you need it. A dedicated team is available if you need help.

For Your Patients or Clients:

  • Fast & convenient. Make a payment online in minutes. No need to come back into the office.
  • Budget-friendly. Promotional financing options* available on purchases of $200-$5,000.
  • Secure. All financial data is secure with industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology.
  • Free to use. No additional fee to your patients to use their CareCredit credit card online.

Free Resources

Everything you need to show your patients or clients how they can pay online with their CareCredit credit card.

Order Free Supplies

Use these in your practice to show patients or clients you accept online payment.

Stickers (Item #852-111-00)

Place one on every paper statement before mailing. (Pack of 200)

Self-Ink Stamp (Item #852-113-00)

Use the stamp on the paper statement or billing envelope.

Statement Inserts (Item #852-112-00)

Insert into billing envelope with a statement or use as a handout in-office. (Pack of 200)

Digital Resources

Include on your website, social media and in emails to show patients or clients they can pay online.

Custom Pay Button

Select your CareCredit payment button and add it to your website so patients or clients can easily pay you online with their CareCredit credit card.

Billing Statement Copy

Copy and paste this sample copy into digital and printed statements.

Website Copy

Include information on your website to let patients or clients know they can pay online with CareCredit.

Social Media Copy

Post ready-to-share content directly to your Facebook or Twitter feed.


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