You may get a lot for 1% more

You may get a lot for 1% more

If you use another patient financing provider instead of CareCredit®, you may save a little less than 1% (which could be around $36.40 per average transaction)*. On the other hand, if you join the thousands of hearing healthcare providers that accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card, here’s some of what you might get for less than 1% more.

For starters, you get a financing provider that has been focused exclusively on healthcare for over 30 years. CareCredit is a leading provider of promotional financing to consumers for health, wellness and personal care procedures, products or services. And today there are more than 200,000 enrolled healthcare provider and health-focused retail locations that accept CareCredit including:

  • Healthcare specialist & primary care
  • Retail healthcare & pharmacy
  • Diagnostics
  • Fitness
  • Orthopedics & equipment

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Ready to accept CareCredit and help your patients move forward with care?

Ready to accept CareCredit and help your patients and clients move forward with care?

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