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Foot problems: Don't let your feet get in the way

We spend about 1/3 of our life in bed, and everyone knows the value of having a good, supportive mattress. But, what about the other 2/3 when we're on our feet? People don't think about that much - and that's a BIG reason OTHERWISE avoidable problems occur.

The underrated foot

Leonardo da Vinci said it best, "The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art."

With 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments the foot is a complex structure. No wonder things can go wrong so often.

Your feet are your foundation

Your whole body is connected: YOUR foot connects to your ankle, ankle connects to your shin, which then connects to our knee, thigh, torso and neck. Properly aligned feet are fundamental to effective functionality and how the entire body moves. People don't often recognize the critical role they play.

Align the feet, align the body

Key to a properly functioning musculoskeletal system is to place the feet in their ideal position and to give them the support they need. When that happens, everything up the kinetic chain should work better. Your posture and balance can improve, and importantly, can do wonders for relieving pain in your feet, knees, hips, and back.

Knee, hip, or back pain? (It might be your feet talking)

Often times, people with knee pain don't have anything wrong with their knees. Instead the issue is really stemming from the foot. The same dynamic holds true as it works its way up the kinetic chain. For example, if YOUR knee's rolling in, then so is YOUR hip -- subsequently creating a scenario where you're pre-disposed to hip and lower back pain.

A little support can improve things in a big way

Many people enjoy huge benefits from some type of arch support. People think there's only one arch to the foot. But, in fact, there are four - and each one needs to be supported effectively.

The more effective arch supports (sometimes referred to as "orthotics") provide actual therapeutic benefits--helping to re-position the feet to their ideal position, reduce stress on the bones and joints, and aiding in limiting over-pronation.

Importantly, there is a distinct difference between orthotic arch supports and cushions or inserts which are merely accommodative and typically provide only a modest amount of temporary comfort.

Evaluating your options

It's important to understand the options you have for effectively supporting your feet. CareCredit partners with The Good Feet Store and their 130 locations throughout the US and abroad to make financing available to its customers. Good Feet's arch support specialists will personally fit you from over 300 models, styles, and sizes to best support your feet and your lifestyle.

Learn more about how arch supports may be able to help you, and find your nearest Good Feet Store at

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