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Average Costs: Lasik

Cost of LASIK Surgery & Payment Plans

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Eye exam average cost

Retail store or optical chain $50
Private eye doctor or medical clinic $250 or more

Contact lenses average cost

Daily wear; daily replacement $34/week or $134/month
Daily or extended wear; monthly replacement $69/week or $280/month

Eyeglass average cost

Child prescription eyeglasses $200
Designer frames and progressive lenses $800 and up

LASIK and other Excimer laser procedures average cost

$1,500 to $2,500 per eye

Cataract surgery average cost

Standard cataract surgery (No Medicare or Insurance) $3,542 per eye
Out-of-pocket premium for presbyopia-correcting IOL $2,178 per eye

(source: All About Vision, October 2016)

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