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Practices that use CareCredit's healthcare credit card routinely generate 19% more medical revenue per Veterinarian.


How will CareCredit improve my practice?

When you accept CareCredit as a payment option, more of your clients will accept recommended treatment for their pets and return for routine care such as wellness visits or dental care. CareCredit is proven to increase your medical revenue 19-31%1. You'll allow your clients to start treatment for their pets immediately - even when they prefer not to use their cash or major credit cards.

How do I get started?

To get started, just call 866-768-3850 Or get started by completing our online request form, at which time a representative will contact you to complete your enrollment process.

CareCredit is a winning solution for you, your practice, and your clients!

Is CareCredit easy for my practice to use?

Yes. We start by providing your office staff with the best free training in the veterinary profession. We also provide your practice with all the tools needed to present the program to your clients and the materials to quickly and efficiently process applications. Once your staff is trained, you simply let your clients know that you now accept CareCredit as a payment option, submit a short application, and if the client is approved, the charges can be processed immediately.

Is CareCredit widely used?

For over 25 years, healthcare practices have been accepting CareCredit as a payment option. In fact, more than 175,000 enrolled practices nationwide accept CareCredit. CareCredit is recommended exclusively by many state and national professional associations, including AAHA, ALVMA, CVMA, FVMA, MVMA, NVMA, NJVMA, OVMA, and Texas VMA.

How does my practice get paid?

Within two business days, the treatment fees are electronically deposited into your practice's bank account, less a minimal processing fee.

What if my clients don't pay their bills?

CareCredit is a non-recourse program, so if your clients happen to default on payment, it's not your responsibility.2

How do my clients apply for CareCredit?

Simply have the client complete a short application. Then, your office staff, or the client, sends in the necessary information via phone, or by using the online application to our credit center, which is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Within minutes, or seconds if using the online application, a line of credit is granted to qualified applicants. Your office staff can then process charges to the client's account immediately. It's that simple.

Does CareCredit provide support?

When you enroll in CareCredit, your office receives the best support in the veterinary profession. CareCredit provides your staff members with a personalized orientation, which includes tips on how to present financial options to clients and helpful presentation tools, including reception area brochures. Your practice also receives all the ongoing supplies you'll need, free of charge.

How do I know if my clients will like CareCredit?

More than 175,000 healthcare providers accept CareCredit as a payment option. Their clients appreciate the proven benefits such as convenient monthly payments and no initial cash outlay.

Why do I need to offer CareCredit if I already accept major credit cards?

CareCredit is a different type of credit card. Even if you already accept Visa and MasterCard or allow some clients to pay you over time, adding CareCredit is a practical and prudent thing to do. CareCredit offers several financing options that may not be available with other credit cards, which allow the client to schedule care immediately and elect to make payments over time.

Our online application is the fast and easy way to submit applications – credit decisions are almost immediate.

1 Brakke Consulting, Inc. a premier research and consulting firm who has worked with companies such as NCVEI and Bayer Animal Health, conducted a 4-year study commissioned by CareCredit, including 500 Veterinary practices. For full study published in 2011, visit
2 Subject to representations and warranties in the CareCredit Acceptance Agreement for Participating Professionals.