CareCredit's Flexible Financing Options* Help You and Your Clients Keep Pets Healthy

When a pet becomes ill, veterinary care may be an unexpected expense. As a result, clients may try to negotiate recommended treatment and fees. With the CareCredit credit card, you can help your clients finance the care their pets need and they can make convenient monthly payments that fit their budget. Today, more than 20,000 enrolled veterinary practices accept CareCredit* because:

More clients can accept the level of diagnostics and care you recommend without delay, spending an average of 21% more per visit.*

CareCredit provides instant credit decisions and allows your client to apply:

  • online
  • using your in-office tablet app
  • by phone (must be 18 or older) or
  • via mobile device

If you don't use CareCredit to process any transactions in a month, as a provider you pay nothing. There are no annual, monthly or minimum use fees to the practice.

Why CareCredit®

CareCredit's convenient patient financing options are chosen and recommended most often by doctors, office teams, professional associations and more.

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How it Works

Using CareCredit is simple and quickly becomes a part of your everyday routine.

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CareCredit gives you all the resources you need including free customized training for your entire team.

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“My goal is to help pets get care. So, when clients begin eliminating diagnostics and care because they don’t want to use their savings or credit cards to pay for treatment, I introduce them to CareCredit.”

William Radovich, DVM
WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, 1973
Accepting CareCredit since 2003

“My daily goal is to have successful cases, happy clients and healthy pets. None of this happens if clients won’t accept our care recommendations. So if there is a way to make it easier for our clients to get the best care for their animals, I would want to make that available. That’s why we accept CareCredit.”

Chuck Barry, DVM
University of Missouri -Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine, 1987
Accepting CareCredit since 2003

“Just like you, I became a veterinarian to help animals who can’t talk and tell me where it hurts. So, what do you say when an animal needs care but its owner is stressed over the cost? I say, ‘You know, we accept CareCredit.’ I’d be fine giving up a small percentage of the total treatment fee if it meant clients would accept the care needed.”

Carlos Varela, DVM
Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee University
Accepting CareCredit since 2008

“CareCredit helps remove hesitancy. When clients have a comfortable way to pay, they are less hesitant to move forward with recommended diagnostics and care for their pet. Plus they are more likely to return for treatment as needed.”

Michael C. Brinkmann, DVM, DACVO
Auburn University, 1978-North Carolina State University, 1992
Accepting CareCredit since 2000

“I think CareCredit is the most common sense approach clients have to pay for their pets’ care. That’s why my practice and my family have CareCredit. It allows people to pursue the care plan they really want in a way that’s financially comfortable for them.”

Martin Gilmore, DVM, PhD
Kansas State University – College of Veterinary Medicine, 2000
Accepting CareCredit since 2009