Help Your Patients Obtain the Optimal Hearing Devices and Services You Recommend

It may not be the total cost of recommended treatment that causes patients to delay or decline care - it is fitting payments into their monthly budget. Things may sound a lot sweeter to your patients when you accept CareCredit for hearing care & hearing aid financing. A healthcare credit card with special financing options*, CareCredit helps gives patients a way to pay for the care they want and need.

CareCredit can be used in your practice for your patient’s out-of-pocket healthcare expense, making it easy for patients to use it for hearing aids.

For nearly 30 years CareCredit has been serving the healthcare community, earning the exclusive recommendation of hearing practices and practice management consultants. By accepting CareCredit, you’ll be listed on our Provider Portal, and gain access to the more than 9 million patients who are already CareCredit cardholders and may be looking for a local doctor who accepts CareCredit.

Why CareCredit®

CareCredit's convenient patient financing options are chosen and recommended most often by doctors, office teams, professional associations and more.

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How it Works

Using CareCredit is simple and quickly becomes a part of your everyday routine.

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CareCredit gives you all the resources you need including free customized training for your entire team.

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