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175,000 enrolled practices now accept CareCredit to help patients get the care they want and need.

Proven Results

In-depth practice case studies detail the results dental teams have experienced with CareCredit.

Myth Busters

Many doctors are unaware of just how significantly CareCredit has changed. We invite you to learn about patient financing as we respond to some of the most common misperceptions.

Fiction: Patient financing programs are too difficult to use and will cause more work for my busy team.

Fact: CareCredit is streamlined and simple. The application requires only a few fields of information and takes less than 1 minute to complete. It’s even faster if you use leading practice management software that is already integrated with CareCredit. Submitting an application can be done by smartphone, phone, or online. Credit decisions are instantaneous and your practice receives payment within 2 business days. Plus, your team receives FREE customized training and all the materials they need to successfully add CareCredit as a payment option.

Fiction: Approval rates and credit lines are too low.

Fact: CareCredit has steadily increased credit lines and approval rates. Customized healthcare credit scoring enables CareCredit to provide credit lines designed to meet the needs of today’s dental patient. Your office submits a credit line request for treatment and we do our best to meet the requested amount.

Fiction: If my patient doesn’t pay, I’m responsible for the treatment fee and will have to put them in collections anyway.

Fact: With CareCredit, the financial relationship is between us and the patient. There is absolutely no responsibility to the doctor or practice if the patient delays payment or defaults.1

Fiction: Patients don’t need it. They already have a way to pay with their Visa or Mastercard.

Fact: Because CareCredit is a credit card only for dental and healthcare needs, patients can save their consumer cards for day-to-day household expenses. Patients need and appreciate having reduced interest payment options. Which is why research has shown that 86%2 of patients using CareCredit would recommend CareCredit to a friend or family member.

Fiction: Patient financing is only for large cases over $1,000. Even though I’d like to do more cases like that, the majority of mine are smaller, so I don’t need patient financing.

Fact: CareCredit is the health, wellness and beauty card that makes care possible today - for purchases of all amounts (subject to credit approval). With Standard Terms, it's simple and easy for your office to make CareCredit available to patients for smaller or everyday purchases under $200. For purchases over $200, Special Financing options are available.

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1 Subject to representations and warranties in the CareCredit Acceptance Agreeement for Participating Professionals.

2 CSI Study