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How will CareCredit help me reach my practice goals?

CareCredit can help more patients get the vision care and products that you recommend. By offering the CareCredit healthcare credit card, you'll be providing your patients with an additional payment option dedicated to healthcare expenses. In turn, this helps patients see beyond the price tag and allows patients to fit payments into their monthly budget.

How do I get started?

To add CareCredit's healthcare credit card as a payment option, just call 866-853-8432. Or you can get started by completing our online request form and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Is CareCredit easy for my practice to use?

Yes. We take care of the billing and collecting so valuable time can be better spent on other important responsibilities such as patient care and developing patient relationships. We provide the office staff with a personalized orientation, all the tools needed to present the program to your patients, and all the materials to quickly and efficiently process applications.

Is CareCredit widely used?

CareCredit is at work in more than 175,000 enrolled healthcare practices across the United States and is being used by over 7 million patients to get the care and procedures they want and need.

How does my practice get paid?

Practice receives payment in two business days, with no responsibility to the practice if the patient delays payment or defaults. The payment is electronically deposited into your practice's bank account, less a minimal processing fee.

What if my patients don't pay their bills?

CareCredit is a non-recourse program, so if your patients delay payment or default, it's not your responsibility.1

How do my patients apply for CareCredit?

Simply have the patient complete a short credit card application. Then, your office staff sends in the necessary information via phone, or by using the online application to our credit center, which is open 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. You’ll receive a decision within minutes. Your office staff can then process charges to the patient's account immediately.* It's that simple.

Does CareCredit provide support?

Yes. When you enroll in CareCredit, your office receives complete support. CareCredit provides your staff members with a personalized orientation, which includes training and helpful presentation tools. Your practice also receives all the ongoing supplies you'll need, at no cost.

How do I know if my patients will like CareCredit?

According to a study of CareCredit Cardholders, 96% of cardholders rate CareCredit a good, very good or excellent value.**

81% of patients who visit are highly satisfied with**

**CareCredit Cardholder Study conducted by Chadwick Martin Baily, December 2012.

Why do I need to offer CareCredit if I already accept major credit cards?

With CareCredit, your patients have a separate credit card that allows them to accept recommended products and services. For purchases of $200 or more they can take advantage of available special financing.

Where can CareCredit be used?

CareCredit is accepted at more than 175,000 enrolled practices across the United States and Puerto Rico. CareCredit is accepted in specialties such as dental, veterinary, ophthalmology, optometry, audiology, dermatology and cosmetic.

1 Subject to representations and warranties in the CareCredit acceptance agreement for Participating Professionals.
* Subject to credit approval.