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“ I have scar tissue in my ears from a lot of childhood infections and was going deaf. I went to my hearing professional to see if I could even tolerate hearing aids and, despite the scarring, he thought I could benefit from them. I used my CareCredit card to buy hearing aids and they have really been good for me. I can hear again!.”

— Veatrice B. I Florida

“Our patients are very satisfied with the way CareCredit works. They get a statement each month and they simply mail it back with their payment. It’s nice and easy and clean. We haven’t heard anything negative from our patients about their experiences with CareCredit. And for us that silence is good. It means there are no problems.”

— Dr. Tim Winstead, Hearing Doctors of Georgia

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Help More Patients Get Care With CareCredit Special Financing

Often it’s not the total cost of recommended hearing aids that causes patients to delay or decline care – It is fitting payments into their monthly budget. That’s why more than 175,000 healthcare providers offer and more than 20 million patients have used CareCredit to get the care they need and want.*

For over 25 years CareCredit has been serving the healthcare community, earning the exclusive recommendation of hearing practices and practice management consultants. 96% of cardholders rate CareCredit a good, very good or excellent value.**

CareCredit can be used in your practice for your patient’s out-of-pocket healthcare expense. CareCredit picks up where insurance leaves off. Your patients can use it for co-payments and deductibles. CareCredit makes it easy for patients to use it for hearing aids.

Plus, with CareCredit's healthcare credit card you have access to great ideas and practical tools from your colleagues and consultants that will help you attract more new patients, increase access to care and help you reach your practice goals.

*The information presented is for doctor and office staff use only
** CMB study of CareCredit cardholders, Q4 2014