CareCredit Direct™ A web-based software that allows patients or clients to: Learn about CareCredit, Calculate monthly payments, Apply for a CareCredit credit card and get an instant credit decision, make same day transactions of any size¹

Get started!

CareCredit Direct is a new dynamic solution that allows your patients or clients to directly apply for the CareCredit credit card through a self-guided, user-friendly interface – all on their own, in your practice.

Just follow these three steps to get started.

  1. Install CareCredit Direct on patient or client accessible tablets or PCs.

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    CareCredit Direct is a direct-to-consumer tool and patients or clients must complete the credit application on their own. A Merchant ID and ZIP code is required at first time set-up.
  2. Customize your practice settings within the tool.
  3. Ask patients or clients if they would like to apply today!
Need an iPad? CareCredit now offers a Monthly Program Fee² option on the iPad Air 2 bundle for your practice. $9.95 month + 90-Day Free Trial!³ Learn More Buy Now

1. Subject to credit approval. For practices in New York, other than veterinary or vision care providers, patients/clients have the right to a refund to their CareCredit account for transaction amounts greater than $1,000 that occur within three days of the application being submitted. All other transactions are subject to the terms of the individual provider’s refund policy.

2. Reduced pricing for orders placed by September 30, 2016. Net result of Monthly Program Fee of $24.60 and the CareCredit Sponsorship of $14.65. Net Monthly Program Fee total over 36 months: $328.35. iPad must be returned after 36 months. Net result of the monthly charge less the CareCredit Sponsorship. On a monthly basis the bank account CareCredit has on file will receive: (-) Debit of the Program Fee of $24.60/month and (+) Credit of the CareCredit Sponsorship of $14.65/month for 33 months. Standard term is 36 months. For orders placed starting October 1, 2016, the Monthly Program Fee will be $24.60/month, and there will be no CareCredit subsidy. Charges will continue until device is returned. CareCredit Sponsorship credits will end after month 36 and monthly charges will continue at the unsponsored debit amount. See Product Use Agreement for full terms and conditions of Program Fee Option.

3. CareCredit will send you a tablet to use (CareCredit or its third party provider will retain ownership over the device). No payment is due for the first 3 months of the Monthly Program Fee term. After that, on a monthly basis the bank account CareCredit has on file for your practice will be debited the Monthly Program Fee. Term of use is 36 months, including the 3 month free trial period.

4. iPad and iPad Air 2 are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.